Artist Talk: Colorado College

On Friday, Nov. 11, I was invited to spend the day at the print shop of Colorado College. I showed my recent lithographs and talked about my work with the undergraduate printmakers. I spoke about the need for community and the power of art, the art making process and the genesis of ideas, the importance of protest and politics and creative expression. Also spoke about ways to make art outside of an academic setting and how a place like Art Gym Denver can provide the necessary equipment to continue onward.

Yeah, they enjoyed seeing my art but it was my collection of printer's proofs they were enraptured by. Which is totally understandable! Who wants to look at my junk when there's a folder with the names Cecily Brown, Sanford Biggers, Gigi Chen and Dinh Q Lê off to the side? I feel ya!

Hot Off the Press!

This new (editioned!) screen print is the first piece I've made since moving to Denver and was curated into the Innuendo group exhibit at Ink Lounge.

6 Shooter



Two of my screen prints (Bromance & Archimedes' Screw) have been curated into what is sure to be an amazing show of unrepresented artists working in NYC. I can't explain how excited I am to be in this exhibit! Thank you Denise Bibro Fine Art.

Opening reception: Thursday, June 19, 5-9pm